Mystical Passions

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Sometimes love comes in the most unusual packages or when we least expect it.

Chapter One:
Korin may seem like your everyday normal bank teller, but she’s got a secret—she’s an elf, hiding out as a human. She thinks that she and her siblings are the only ones of their kind, so one day when she bumps into a handsome male elf, she is both intrigued and turned on.

Hunter instantly knows that Korin is the elf for him. When he takes her home, he unlocks some secrets from her past—secrets that may keep them apart forever. Will they be able to stay together? Or will the past tear them apart?

Chapter two:
Hiding out in the world, trying to pass as a human, the last thing Earth Elf Jorvin expects is to run into is another elf. More importantly one who turns out to be her mate.

Devin is both excited and intrigued by his new mate. But, first he has to get by Jorvin’s very protective older brothers in order to claim her.

Will they be able to fine their happily ever after? Or will they be doomed to forever be alone?