Reborn in Blood

The Drone Vampire Chronicles 9
2nd Edition Coming Soon

It’s been over a year since Ozzie had his whole world implode on him. Born a werewolf, but turned into a vampire, he’s a pariah in both societies. Now hunted by his former pack, he knows he’s running out of time. Before he dies, he vows to make the ones who turned him into who he is pay. Micah may be a vampire, but that doesn’t mean he fits the stereotype of being sexy or seductive. He’s more a computer geek than a creature of the night. He may be a Drone soldier, but that doesn’t mean he likes a fight. A fight is just what he gets when Ozzie captures him and tires to force him into a crazy, suicidal revenge plan. Despite his fears, Micah finds himself drawn to Ozzie and he knows he’ll do anything to save the man. But will Micah lose his own life in the process? And if so, will Ozzie lose the last bit of humanity he has?