Doc Featherstone’s Return (Lost Shifters Book #25) Just Re-Released!

The Lost Shifters 25
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Ever since Hawk shifter Ash suffered near fatal wounds in a Raven attack, he has slumped into a deep depression. Now unable to walk, let alone shift, he has lost his spark for life. His friends and loved ones fear they will lose him forever. Desperate, they think that the only one who can give him the will to live is Doc Featherstone, the one man that Ash has ever shown any interest in. The problem is Doc Featherstone has returned to his family to recover from his own wounds from the attack.

Bobcat shifter Joshua Featherstone has harbored a secret attraction for the spunky Hawk shifter for a long time. But he has kept his distance, afraid that their age difference would be too big to overcome. Although once he hears that Ash is in need of his help, Joshua rushes back to the Coalition. Will he make it in time? Or has Ash turned to the darkness forever?

***This book has been re-edited and there are some additions from the previous version. These changes add to the story but do not impact the overall story. Also, the first edition was #24, now there will not be a Book 24 listed as this is now Book 25.***

If you’ve purchased it before please send a copy of your receipt to with your preferred format and I’ll get that to you.

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