Ellen Always Says It Best-Boy Scouts Listen Up!

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3 Responses to Ellen Always Says It Best-Boy Scouts Listen Up!

  1. joann says:

    .gays should be in the boy or girl scouts. maybe it will erase the hate between gays and the community thinks that gays are bad people . leadership should be a person gay or not learn about that leadership should not hate gays and lead with the heart not by hate . ellen is right .we should put away our hate and open our hearts and learn and teach our community that gays are not bad people to live with. i hope the boy scouts and girl scouts appect gays in their group

  2. Sandra says:

    I wish there wasn’t such a prejudice against people who are attracted to their own sex. I don’t understand why there is such. There is a bigger problem with being a gay male than there is being a gay female. A gay male can’t be out and proud within their work place without there being problems, such as an athlete, police officer, troop leader, etc. Basically anywhere where there will be a locker room and undressing. Just because you are a guy that is attracted to other guys does not mean that you are looking at everyone as a potential bed mate. I honestly don’t care if a person is gay, straight, bi. The other thing that does matter to me is that whoever a person falls in love with is an adult and it is consensual.

  3. stephanihecht says:

    I just went and bought $40 worth of Girl Scout Cookies. I encourage everybody else to do the same. 🙂

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