Fallon’s Raven Out Now!

Fallon's RavenFallon’s Raven Birds of Prey #4

 Just when you thought that your fate was set in stone, someone comes along to show you just how wrong you can be.

    Ever since he saw Raven, Fallon knew the Bird of Prey was meant to be his. Fallon didn’t give a damn that Raven wasn’t his predestined mate. All that mattered to Fallon was that he wanted and he wanted now! So, he tricks Raven into going into the underworld, where Fallon plans on keeping the warrior there forever.

    Things go awry when Athena shows up to fetch her Bird of Prey. Not only does she need Raven back, but she needs a big favor from Fallon. Frustrated over possibly losing the man that he has become attached to, Fallon agrees to help the goddess. Will Fallon and Raven find a way to become mates, despite fate? Or are the doomed to be separated forever?


 Fallon materialized behind the home of the Atlanta Birds of Prey. Not even fazed by their security system, Fallon sauntered in to the house and went to the one destination he favored most, Raven’s room.

    The guy was putting up a fight, but hell, Fallon loved a challenge. He craved it and Raven was fighting their attraction tooth and nail. Fallon could feel Raven wearing down, though. It was only a matter of time.

    Fallon stared at the very few items that Raven had in his room, brushing his fingers over the items on the dresser. An older looking comb, some aftershave and that was about it. The guy just didn’t have a lot of possessions.

    The Birds of Prey were paid well, Fallon knew. Why didn’t Raven have anything? Fallon opened up the closet and saw a whole bunch of leather. The corner of his mouth tilted into a smile. He loved seeing Raven in the tight leather pants. Well, Raven had the clothes just not really anything else.

    Fallon sat in a chair in the corner and waited for Raven to return.

    He had a lot to do in the Underworld. He and his father were working to make a move to help out in this fucking war. Athena was getting her ass handed to her, but she was getting the help she needed in other places. His mother had to go up to Olympus when it was her time to be with his father, Hades, just to help in the cause. Gods, Hades was pissed about that. Persephone and Hades had very little time together, and when that got disrupted, watch out. Even as their son, Fallon was hoping his mother would get back to the Underworld as soon as she could.

    Fallon rubbed his brow with his thumb, feeling a damn headache coming on. Raven was smack in the middle of it all. If Athena’s birds didn’t get help soon…

    The door to Raven’s room opened, and the man himself stepped in, his black hair long in the front and shaved in the back. Fallon craved just one look at his steel gray eyes. Raven was almost as tall as his own six feet five inches, and muscles flexed in the tight black shirt as the man turned and closed his door behind him.

    Raven hadn’t seen him yet, which was obvious when the man pulled his shirt over his head and began to undress. Fallon just leaned back in the chair with a smirk on his face and got nice and comfortable for the show. Raven stripped out of his leather pants, showing a tight, muscular ass. Gods, how Fallon wanted to take him right then and there. He squirmed in his chair as his body reacted to the sight of Raven completely naked.

    Raven scratched his chest as he went to his dresser and put on relaxing lounge pants. “Enjoy the show?” Raven turned and glared at him.

    Fallon laughed. “Yes.”

    “Every damn night, you break into my room. There are no words for the level of creepiness that is. And like every night, I’ll tell you again, get out.” Raven’s eyes flashed in anger.

    Oh yes. Time to play.

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2 Responses to Fallon’s Raven Out Now!

  1. ttorch172 says:

    I just loved this book and while they were not the traditional mates, who is say the goddess Athena got it wrong in who is mate should be because she could not mark another god as a mate. But Fallon was awesome and to find out what is symbol as a god was made a whole lot of sense. I just wish there was more of them as they were great. But with all that said I look forward to the next book and all the up’s and down (though probably more of these) but I know in the end they will prevail. Another great read!

  2. ashley says:

    Do you know when it will be out on Amazon . Thank you xxx

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