Good News!

I’m just coming in from RT, so I will keep this brief. I just had to share my good news with you. Dragon’s Eye will be finally getting a sequel! Right now it has a working title of Dragon’s Heart and I’m not certain when it will be coming out. I do know it will be with Total-E-Bound. Here is the very, very, very unedited blurb: Lester has always been only half good enough, half a sorcerer, half a dragon, but all a bastard, he was shunned and unwanted as a child. So, the first thing he does when he can is move away to the human world and never looks back. But the supernatural world is coming back for him. The war between the Dragons and the sorcerers is at its climax and both sides want Lester on their side. Dragon shifter Mick, grew up watching his best friend Lester being abused and shunned, now that he’s back Mick is more determined than ever to protect him than ever before. As the two find themselves falling in love will they be able to overcome all their obstacles, or will war win over love?
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  1. Teena M. says:

    That is good news, sounds really good can’t wait to be able to read it….

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