Guess What!

3972DocFeatherstonesReturn510w-220x330First off, I want to apologize for being lax in taking so long in replying to your comments. I do read each and every one. I have just been so busy writing,  that I have fallen behind in other tasks. But, I do treasure you feedback, so please keep it coming. Some days it’s what keeps me going. *hugs* As a special treat. I thought I would post the blurb to Doc Featherstone’s Return! So here it is. Enjoy! Ever since Hawk Shifter Ash suffered near fatal wounds in a Raven attack, he has slumped into a deep depression. Now unable to walk, let alone shift, he has lost his spark for life and his friends and loved ones fear they will lose him forever. Desperate, they think that the only one who can give him the will to live if Doc Featherstone, the one man that Ash has ever shown any interest in. The problem is Doc Featherstone has returned to his family to recover from his own wounds from the attack. Bobcat shifter, Joshua Featherstone has harbored a secrete attraction for the spunky Hawk shifter for a long time. But, he has kept his distance, afraid that their age difference would be too big to overcome. But, once he hears that Ash is in dire need of his help, Joshua runs back to the coalition. Will he make it in time? Or has Ash turned to the darkness forever?  
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8 Responses to Guess What!

  1. Can’t wait til this come out…:)

  2. ttorch172 says:

    Ooooooooh! Looking forward to this one and it is about time that the Doctor found some love too 🙂

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Love it! Been waiting on the Doc’s book for awhile.

  4. Teena M. says:

    I really love this series of books and I have always wondered if Doc Featherstone would get a mate. I loved the blurb and can’t wait to get to read the book to find out what happens with Ash and the Doc..

  5. Alisa (Lee) says:

    Oh love the blurb and cannot wait for Doc and Ash’s story!!!!

  6. Tina says:

    YES!!!!! I really want to read this story!

  7. Joyce says:

    I so wanted the Doc to have a book.

  8. Teena M. says:

    I must say that I loved this book just finished it last night and was so happy that Featherstone finally pulled his head out of his butt and claime his Ash.

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