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in plain sightAvailable now at eXtasy Books!  Sometimes when one is in the darkness and all alone, that is when somebody special shows up and guides them to the light and real love is found. Zaid’s one of the rarest of breeds of shifters, an African Wild Dog. So, when he finds out that one of the biggest hunters is in Wayne county intent on killing him, he decides he’ll strike first.  But to do so, he must go down into the ancient tunnels. For that, he needs the best set of eyes in the pack, Kline. Kline is afraid to go out on the mission, but he’s been secretly attracted to Zaid for so long that he knows he can’t refuse. Will they succeed? Or will they die before they see the light again? Excerpt: Kline swept his gaze across the ground, and then he saw it. It was so thin that nobody but him would have picked it up—a razor wire that went across one side of the wall to the other. Letting out a hiss of warning, Kline reached out and put a hand on Zaid’s chest to stop him from moving forward. “What is it?” Zaid asked, with a frown. “There’s a wire in front of us. It’s a couple of inches off the ground and one meter ahead of us.” Tad squinted his eyes and tilted his head to the side. “Where? I don’t see it.” Desmond gave a solemn shake of his head. “Don’t doubt Kline. I’ve heard about his gift and how good it is. If he says the wire is there then it’s there.” Tad scoffed. “Come on. How good can his eyes be? He’s a damn Omega. Everybody knows all they’re good for is eye candy.” Kline took in a deep breath as rage filled him. Eye candy? Who in the hell did this dumb Beta think he was talking to? Kline could probably take Tad out in a fight. In fact, that sounded like a splendid idea at that moment. Reaching back, Kline began to pull out one of his short blades, but Zaid reached out and grabbed Kline’s arm, staying him. “Don’t,” Zaid said, gently. “Why not?” Kline bit out, still as angry as ever. “Because we both know that you’ll shred him to ribbons and, asshole or not, we’re going to need him later on.” Tad let out a sound of outrage. “And just what makes you think that he’ll beat me? I’m a Beta and he’s nothing but a damn Omega.” Never taking his gaze off Kline, Zaid said, “Because nobody carries around blades that deadly and beautiful unless they know how to use them. Am I right, Kline?” Kline couldn’t stop the cold smile from spreading out over his face. “Yeah, you’re right. After our parents died, our older brother made sure that both me and my twin knew how to fight. That way, if we were ever ambushed again, we could get out alive.” “It sounds like Tate is very protective of you. How did he feel about you coming on this mission?” Zaid asked. Kline continued to gaze up at Zaid, finding it impossible to look away from those brown eyes.  Sweet damn on a popsicle stick, but Kline could stare at them all day long. They were so warm and dark that they both comforted Kline and turned him on at the same time. Kline realized he really needed to get a grip on himself and fast. He needed to be focusing on the mission. They were going after one damn dangerous Snake. Yet Kline couldn’t stop himself from drooling after Zaid. It was all Kline could do not to jump the man right on the spot, and everybody knows you don’t get frisky during scary situations. That’s a sure way to get killed off. Or at least that’s the way it always happens in the movies. “I still don’t see any wire,” Tad said, interrupting the tender moment. Desmond let out a put-upon-sigh before he took a step forward and swept the ground in front of him with his rifle. Kline could see the weapon make contact with the wire. As soon as it did, two sharp, thick, long blades came out from each side of the wall. They came together with a loud clash, meeting right where somebody’s head would be had they been standing there. There was a long stretch of stupefied silence as they all looked at the blades in horror of what could have been. Finally, Tad let out a low whistle. “Okay, I get it. The Omega’s my new best friend now.”
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