I’ve made a huge mistake!

When I pushed back the date for Braxton’s Salvation, I forgot I already had three other books coming out in December!!!! So, I had no choice but to move Braxton back again. I am so sorry, guys.  He’s now set to come out January 1st and nothing short of a zombie Apocalypse will stop that from happening. To make it up to you, here is a brief glimpse into the book. It’s unedited, so please forgive all the boo-boos Chapter One This had to rank among one of the stupidest things he’d ever done. And since he once wore an Avalanche jersey while attending a Red Wing game, that said a lot. Clutching his inhaler tight to his chest, Braxton looked behind him. While the sidewalk was as crowded as hell with post-holiday shoppers, he could still make out the unmistakable forms or three Raven tailing him. Damn it, they were getting closer. He took in a wheezy breath as he glanced around for a way he could make a run for it. Preferably one that didn’t have so many humans around. It was one thing to get his ass kicked, it was another to call even more attention to the shifter world while doing so. As it was, the Ravens already brought too much trouble their way when it came to stuff like that. He tried to move faster, but his damaged leg began to ache and his limp became more pronounced than normal.  Although, he tried to hide it, the snickers from behind him told him that the Ravens had not only seen in, but they were going to use the life-long injury against him. He finally spotted an empty parking lot. It was like so many that dotted the city of Detroit, only this one was empty and semi-dark. What in the hell was he thinking? He should be running toward lights and policemen, not taking them to a prime beat-down spot. If Braxton could have, he would have kicked his own ass. Then common sense took over his fear and he realized he had no choice. It was either him or the human and any shifter worth their salt would make the same sacrifice. Besides, it’s not like his death would be a huge loss to the shifter community. Weak, half-human, and with more medical problems than the Giraffe from Madagascar, Braxton was more of a hindrance than anything else. Sure his siblings may miss him, but his new pack would no doubt secretly be grateful. Braxton had no disillusions when it came to them. The only reason they’d taken him in is because his brother, Miles, mated a member of their pack. Otherwise, they would have culled Braxton a long time ago and tossed his carcass out the back door. He may be young and new when it came to shifter customs, but he wasn’t that dumb. The Raven followed him in. Despite the fact that the only weapon he had on him was an asthma puffer, Braxton backed up, drawing them in deeper. His only regret was that he wouldn’t get a chance to say goodbye to his siblings. But, they probably would only miss him for a little bit. Miles was so caught up in his new mate and the younger ones so happy with their new friends. They didn’t have time to care about their loser of a brother who couldn’t even cross the street without sucking wind. Even as it grew darker, Braxton could still see perfectly well. That was one shifter gift he’d managed to inherit. Now he wasn’t so sure it was a good thing. He’d only been up close and personal with Ravens and it’d never ended well for him. While this trio looked a bit on the small time, Braxton had no doubt the outcome wouldn’t be any different. Only this time, he wouldn’t be coming out alive.    
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9 Responses to I’ve made a huge mistake!

  1. Clover says:

    I’m sure it will be worth the wait! With all your books coming out make sure you take enough time out for yourself…holiday’s are meant to be shared with friends and family 🙂 not just work…though I do love your books!

  2. jacqueline says:

    I just read The Odds Maker last night and loved it, thank you for the sneek peek of Braxton’s Salvation it’s going to be well worth the wait. Love all your books 🙂

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Uh Oh! Wright and his sibs better get there fast!

  4. chickie434 says:

    Darn it. Oh well, just have to wait for the new year to get my LS fix!! Now i really want to read it to find out what happens to Braxton!

  5. Linda C says:

    You know, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with 4 releases in December!! lol

  6. Franca says:

    Is there a problem with the new release date for Braxton’s Salvation? I’ve been checking daily since January 1st and Amazon still doesn’t have the title available. I need my new Stephani Hecht fix quick! The books are great and I look forward to each new addition to my collection.

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