Just Released! Dire Pack Reborn – Volume One (Paperback)

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The holidays can be stressful for everyone but when you add in the fact that you’re a Dire Wolf? Yeah, things get even more difficult. Never mind the fact that your pack isn’t the most established? Things can get downright nasty.

In the first three stories in the Dire Pack Reborn series, we’re introduced to the Pack and see them overcome obstacles to Pack and love

About TT Miller

Hi Everyone! I’m T.t. Miller, newest on Team Stephani! I’m happy to be aboard and helping not only Stephani but all of you as well. I will warn you that I tend to get confused easily so please have patience with me. Feel free to contact me at PA3Stephani@gmail.com. 😌

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2 Responses to Just Released! Dire Pack Reborn – Volume One (Paperback)

  1. Tanya Wade says:

    T.t., Congrats on your elevation from wherever to Team Stephani! She’s got the best fans & we’ll always show patience when asked. Hope you enjoy your stay on Team Stephani!

    • TT Miller says:

      Thank you Tanya! Being a part of Team Stephani is great fun! You know, you’re right, Stephani does have the best fans! 😎

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