Just Released! Flip’s Karma Dire Pack Reborn #5

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As Corey and Flip just find their way back together a grave danger threatens to tear them apart.

Nearly a year ago, Flip and Corey shared a passionate encounter. Or at least, Corey thought it was passionate. Since, Flip walked away, without even so much a glance back, he never could be for sure. All Corey did know for certain was he has a strong attachment to the Beta which can’t be denied.

Flip yearned for Corey ever since they’d been together. But, Flip dare not act on his feelings. Flip has a secret. One so, dark, explosive and terrifying it threatens not only Flip but every Dire Wolf in the world.


About TT Miller

Hi Everyone! I’m T.t. Miller, newest on Team Stephani! I’m happy to be aboard and helping not only Stephani but all of you as well. I will warn you that I tend to get confused easily so please have patience with me. Feel free to contact me at PA3Stephani@gmail.com. 😌

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2 Responses to Just Released! Flip’s Karma Dire Pack Reborn #5

  1. Phoenix says:

    What books are before it in the series? I like to ensure I am caught up before buying a new book.


    • TT Miller says:

      The Dire Wolf Who Stole My Heart (Dire Pack Reborn, #1)
      Deck the Dire Wolves (Dire Pack Reborn, #2)
      Merry Krumpus (Dire Pack Reborn #3)
      Darien’s Omega (Dire Pack Reborn, #4)

      I like to ensure I’m caught up too!


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