Just Released! Holiday with an Assassin (Coalition Training Academy Book 3)

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It’s holiday season and the students at the Coalition Academy are excited about the upcoming break. All of them, that is except for Jax. Since the Lion shifter’s parents disowned him, Jax has no home to call his own. While, his best friend Ava invited him to come home with her, Jax worries he will just be an unwanted addition to her family.

Shane, Trevor and Ava are determined to prove Jax is anything but unwanted. They think of him as one of the family and love him. But, can Jax let go of his doubts to believe that? Or is he going to have a very unhappy holiday?

Bonus short story at the end – Jax’s Special Day

About TT Miller

Hi Everyone! I’m T.t. Miller, newest on Team Stephani! I’m happy to be aboard and helping not only Stephani but all of you as well. I will warn you that I tend to get confused easily so please have patience with me. Feel free to contact me at PA3Stephani@gmail.com. 😌
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