Kiplin’s Coming Out out now!

Kiplins coming outKiplin’s Coming Out Lost Shifter Series #31 Blurb: Sometimes what we present to the world is an illusion. That is until everything around you comes crashing down and the real you is revealed. Then, all you have is love to protect you. After years of being raised by a strict, by-the-law aunt, Kiplin is now free, and he’s ready to let his Cougar out to party. That is until he finds out that he has a brother that was one of the Lost Shifters and the guy is as straitlaced as they come. After finding out a troubling secret about his own pack, Panther shifter Brody runs to his cousin North for help. Not only does North give him sanctuary, but he also finds him a place to work within the new coalition in the IT department. Then one day, Brody sees Kiplin, and there is an instant connection between the two, which is crazy, because the two of them couldn’t be more different. Brody likes to play it safe, whereas Kiplin likes to live things fast and crazy. Will the two of them be able to overcome their differences? Or are they too different to find true love?   Excerpt: Kiplin was relaxing on his couch, watching his favorite show, Steve Wilkos—not that anybody needed to know that—when there was a knock on his door. Kiplin let out an aggravated sigh. Just when they were about to get to the lie detector test results, too. Now, he was never going to know who the baby’s daddy was or if either of the guys had been cheating on his girlfriend. Turning off the television, Kiplin growled in frustration then went to the door. Upon ripping it open, he found himself face to face with one of Mitchell’s secretaries. Great! Things just kept getting better and better. As usual, the secretary looked Kiplin up and down before giving a frown. Kiplin just rolled his eyes in response. He’d long ago gotten used to the disapproving stares. In fact, if a day went by where he didn’t get a sideways glance from somebody, Kiplin was surprised. Kiplin knew he was the square penny in the coin collection, and he wore it proudly. So what if Kiplin preferred not to wear his hair in a crew cut like most of the other soldiers? He preferred to style his blond hair in a faux-hawk. As for the numerous piercings on Kiplin, they weren’t hurting anybody but Kiplin. Plus, if Mr.-Stick-Up-the-Ass really wanted a show, then Kiplin would strip down and show him all of his hardware. If there was a part of Kiplin that was piercable, then Kiplin had pierced it. The poor stiff would probably pass out from shock if he knew of it all. “Mitchell…wants…wants to see you,” the uptight stiff stammered. Shit! This cannot be good. Kiplin went through his mind, trying to figure out what he could have done to get him in the hot seat this time. He came up with a ton of reasons. Most of which would end up with him doing extra guard duty. In fact, if Mitchell wanted to, he could sentence Kiplin to the guard shack for the rest of Kiplin’s life. Kiplin didn’t do well when he had nothing but idle time to occupy him. The last time he was put on guard duty, he ended up blowing up the shack and killing two Mouse shifters in the process. But the latter wasn’t really his fault. How was he to know that they had built a nest under one of the coalition buildings? As far as Kiplin knew, cats and mice never got along, so they had no business being there anyway. As for blowing up the shack, Kiplin had been amping up some fireworks for last year’s Fourth of July. Things just happened to get away from him, and he lost control of the situation. Something that seemed to happen a lot with him. Knowing that there was no way of putting off the inevitable, Kiplin started out the door. Just for shits and giggles, he made sure to get into the secretary’s personal space. Kiplin might be following orders, but he wasn’t about to make it easy for anyone. The secretary backed up so fast it was a wonder that he didn’t leave a crack in the wall. Kiplin paused and put on an exaggerated, shocked expression. “You’re not afraid of me? Are you?” “Well, you have to admit, you have a bit of a reputation.” That was something that Kiplin couldn’t even begin to argue with. Not only did he have a penchant for pissing people off with his fuck-you attitude, but he also was a bit of a dirty fighter. Okay, he was a full-out dirty fighter. Whenever his team went out on a mission, Kiplin would do anything to take an enemy down—spit in their face, head butt them, attack them from behind…nothing was off limits as far as Kiplin was concerned. What confused him was why more of the soldiers didn’t have his attitude. They were in a fucking war, and all they cared about was battle etiquette? In the beginning, Kiplin felt for sure that they would eventually see the writing on the wall and come around to his way of thinking. But to his surprise, they never did. Kiplin gave a slight shake of his head as he began to lead the way to Mitchell’s office. The secretary tried to scurry ahead of Kiplin to lead the way. That just made Kiplin laugh. “Don’t worry. I know my way there. This isn’t my first trip to the boss’ cave. In fact, you could say it’s a weekly tradition. Which reminds me, he’s never sent you to get me, so you must be new. What’s your name?” “Alman,” the secretary said in a low voice. “How did you come to be at this coalition?” The secretary was obviously a runt. He was so small and thin that it looked as if Kiplin could blow him over with one huff of his breath. He had blond hair that was styled a la Richie Cunningham style. Shit, the guy was even dressed like a dork; he had a solid red button-up shirt with a pair of dress pants. Dear God, the guy even wore loafers. “I was one of the Lost Shifters. They just found me when I transformed during school and freaked everyone out,” Alman said. “Let me guess, the class was accounting?” Alman’s eyes grew wide. “How did you know about that?” Kiplin sighed. “Just a lucky guess.”
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5 Responses to Kiplin’s Coming Out out now!

  1. Ricky says:

    HURRAY! I’ve been so excited waiting for this. It definitely made my week!

  2. 21Tauri says:

    Is this the correct blurb? Because it says “While conducting HER research” and doesn’t seem to fit the plot of the book. Also, when searching the blurb, another book comes up:
    Lady in Red – Annette Shelley
    “Reporter Kate Hamilton has a new assignment – to write an article for the Skeptical Inquirer and prove Ouija Boards are fakes. When she shows up to a ghost hunting club to interview subjects, the last person she expects to see is her former flame, Brett Rand.

    They shared some steamy moments under the sheets years back and now she’s won a trip to accompany him to a haunted house over the weekend.

    While conducting her research, the two lovers stumble upon a hundred year old mystery and discover the connection they share is more than skin deep.”

    I don’t think the blurb listed on the Extasy site is correct.

  3. MysticCub says:

    I’m confused after reading this book. I thought Lawson’s mate’s name was Marty but in this book Lawson’s mate is Kyle.. soooo confused.

  4. heather f. says:

    im confused about the names too marty then kyle

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