Kit’s Return Out Now!

  kits returnKit’s Return Out Now! Sometimes, it just feels so much better to be bad. On the run from human hunters, Kit and his small group of shifters have resorted to anything to survive. So they have become a band of thieves…or rather, make that a band of wannabe thieves. So when Bowie, another feline shifter, discovers them and offers to take them back to his coalition, Kit agrees although he is weary. Bowie can’t help but feel bad for Kit. Not only is he scared and hungry, but once he reaches the coalition, Kit finds out he has a brother he never knew about. Not only that, there is something about Kit that calls to Bowie. Something that makes him want to protect the Lost Shifter and hold him tight in his arms. Will Bowie and Kit find their happily-ever-after? Or are they destined for happily never after?   Excerpt: Flipping damn it! Why couldn’t things in real life be as easy as they were in the movies? All Kit and his friends were supposed to do was walk across a thin plank of wood, and they would be inside a warehouse that would give them enough food to last a month. Okay. Maybe the warehouse wouldn’t technically be giving them the food. But Kit was sure they wouldn’t miss the tiny little bit they’d take. After all, they wouldn’t want five young, vulnerable, homeless boys to starve to death now, would they? Who could be that heartless? Kit took that back. Yeah, they probably wouldn’t give the flip of a tail about them since they were shifters, and most humans despised shifters. So Kit decided this was their way of sticking it to the man. Take that, humans! We’re going to take your nacho cheese and chips. Don’t you feel real sorry now? He led the group, carefully walking across the plank. The problem was their shoes were wet from walking through the marshy ground that surrounded the building, not to mention they were two floors up. So if one of them fell, it was going to hurt like a mother fucker. Kit heard a grunt from behind him. He looked back to see Kian barely holding on to West by the back of his shirt, while Max was hanging upside down on the board. As for Rhys, he just had an I-didn’t-do-nothing expression on his face. Kit let out a groan. Some band of thieves they made. It was a miracle they hadn’t ended up on that show World’s Stupidest Criminals. The worst thing was, so far this was the best a heist had gone down for them. But to be fair, none of them had been born into this life. They had turned to it in desperation when they had been kicked out of their adoptive homes once their parents had found they were shifters. All of them had been on the run until they stumbled across each other and formed a group of sorts. It was much easier to survive in the world when you had somebody at your back…and front and right and left side. “Can you guys get it together, so we can get this over without killing ourselves, or worse, getting caught?” Kit whispered. They all managed to get back onto the board, thanks to their feline ability. Although, come to think of it, none of them should have found themselves in that situation in the first place. Any normal feline shifter should have been able to just run across the beam with no problem at all. But then again, Kit and his friends weren’t normal felines. No, they were some freaks of nature who had been raised believing that they were human. Then one by one—bam!—each of them had suddenly found himself shifting into some different type of jungle cat. After that, their lives had all gone to pot. Kit had just been getting ready to go into his senior year of college. He’d planned on getting involved in the criminal justice system. Now, here he was, once again getting ready to break the law. Oh, sweet irony, she could be one nasty bitch at times.
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4 Responses to Kit’s Return Out Now!

  1. Meg says:

    Kits Return sounds so funny I can’t wait to read it!

  2. TracyG. says:

    I’ve just finished reading this. Fantastic addition to the lost Shifter series

  3. Teena M. says:

    Just finished this wonderful book and must say it is an awesome addition to the series. I can’t wait to see if Kit’s friends will get their chance at love also.

  4. margaret hall says:

    cannot order on the website, how long will it be down?

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