LS11/LS12 Riley’s Regret & Ranger’s Folly – Re-released

Riley’s Regret (Amazon / Payhip / Smashwords)

Hawk shifter Colin has been mentoring Eagle shifter Riley for several months now. Because Eagle shifters are so rare, Riley is constantly in danger of being captured and forced into slavery, so Colin has his hands full with training Riley to be a halfway decent soldier, protecting the younger man from their enemies, and trying to fight the growing attraction they have for one another. Then Colin discovers a bigger threat to Riley, more dangerous than all the others. Riley can’t run away from this threat since it comes from within him. Will Colin be able to save Riley from himself, or will the Eagle be lost to his own internal demons?

Ranger’s Folly (Amazon / Payhip / Smashwords)

Exiled from his childhood pack and hated by his family, Wolf shifter Ranger vowed that he’d always protect others from sharing his same heartbreak. He fulfilled his promise, first by taking in stray shifters and then later on becoming a soldier for a feline coalition. So when he finds a strange Eagle shifter stalking one of his friends, it’s only natural that Ranger becomes protective. Especially when said Eagle is in the company of two Ravens—the most evil of all shifters.

Eagle shifter Xavier lost everything dear to him when tragedy struck his family years ago. Taken in and raised in extreme seclusion by a family of Ravens, he’s always felt as if a piece of himself was missing. When he finds that his twin is alive and living with feline shifters, Xavier can’t resist his curiosity.

Fighting their mutual distrust, Xavier and Ranger also find themselves becoming drawn to each other. In a world that’s not always so black and white, can they get beyond prejudices and the taboo, or will their love be lost to hate?

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2 Responses to LS11/LS12 Riley’s Regret & Ranger’s Folly – Re-released

  1. Leanne says:

    I’m super excited that the Lost Shifter series is being re-released! I found Stephani about a year ago and this is by far my favorite series of hers, my problem is I never could find Shane’s Inner Anger and refused to skip it and continue the series! I’ve been repurchasing them all as they come out and I’m getting super excited as we get closer & closer to where I left off! I’ve wanted to start the Assasins Loyalty series & Shanes Chronicles, my question is can I read those without ruining/spoiling the books I have yet to read in the Lost Shifter series?? There are only 12 I have yet to read, but I hate reading something that contains spoilers, especially for something I’ve been so eager to read! Help!!!

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