LS20/21 When Tatum Got Bit by a Spider & Shane’s Inner Anger Re-Released!

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Sometimes the first bite is all people need before becoming so addicted that they can’t stop themselves from craving more. Even if it leads them to their own undoing.

Raised by a ruthless slaver to be one of the best assassins in the shifter world, the only one Tatum knew he could count on and trust was his twin brother. The fact that they’ve joined with a cast of Hawks hasn’t changed that either. While their new allies might seem nice enough, Tatum found out the hard way that kind words are, more often than not, just a nice façade to hide the true ugliness underneath. So he vows to never let his guard down or let anybody close…at least until he stumbles across a certain Spider shifter. One who may be small, but has as many emotional scars as Tatum.

After being accepted as informally a part of the feline coalition, Baxley still doesn’t feel safe. He lives every day in fear that his past will come back and finish him off. The only time he is able to breathe freely is when Tatum is around. Yet Baxley knows that he can never truly love the other man, for fear of putting Tatum in danger.

Will Baxley be able to turn to Tatum? What’s more, will Tatum be willing to help? Or will Baxley lose the little bit of happiness he has in his life?

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Amazon / Payhip / Smashwords

Shane has everything he ever wanted—a sexy mate, a wonderful daughter and he actually gets paid for killing. So, he should have known that something would come in and mess with his perfection.

Declan, one of the highest ranking Ravens and a constant thorn in every feline’s paw attacks Shane’s home. Not only is Trevor gravely injured, but the Raven takes one of the most valuable things in his Shane’s life, Ava. Now, Declan is going to pay the ultimate price. That is if Shane can find the Raven before he disappears with Ava forever.

If you’ve purchased it before please send a copy of your receipt to with your preferred format and I’ll get that to you.

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