National Gay Blood Drive

This is a very important video that all of us need to watch. Not only is it informative, but it will open your eyes to some of the discrimination that gay men face every day. Believe it or not this does still happen. I was with Cody when he was banned by the Red Cross from ever giving blood again, simply because he was gay.
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4 Responses to National Gay Blood Drive

  1. Sandra says:

    I don’t understand why a person’s sexual preference would make a difference in their blood. The reason can’t be because of HIV/AIDS because that has been proven to occur in hetero couples also. For me personally, as long as the blood is healthy and the same blood type as mine, give me all I need to survive. It’s sad that as our society grows, our minds don’t. At least for some.

  2. Jackie R says:

    I cannot believe this ban is still in place. Especially with the scientific advances we have made. The government needs to wake the hell up!!!! As far as I am concerned, if the blood is healthy, let them donate.

  3. Teena M. says:

    I had no idea that this idiotic ban was in place, and that in this day and age it still exists. That is just moronic of the FDA to ban gay men from donating healthy life giving blood if they choose to. The FDA needs to get their heads out of their asses and start using what people are willing to give no mater who they happen to love and sleep with, if they have proof that they are free of any sexually transmitted desease them they should be allowed to donate…….

  4. ttorch172 says:

    It is sad that Cody had to learn this lesson, but the only person this idiotic and stupid screening hurts is the person or persons who need blood. The number of individuals who donated blood nationally from the population is low compared to the population number. I find it sad and disappointed that some day my life could be at risk due to a blood shortage due to fools and outdated rules. You are born gay or not, having their blood will not make you gay. As my daughter tells me gays will rule the world some day, so when that happens close-minded, unrelenting individuals better watch out 🙂

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