New Cover-New Blurb!

Times have never been more perilous for the Drone Vampires and their allied coven. The war against the Pure Born government continues to take heavy casualties and the Drones are in danger of losing what little bit of freedom they have remaining. At the cusp of a major battle that could very well change the tide of the war, it isn’t a good idea to fall in love. Now try telling that to a certain warlock and vampire.
From the very first day he came to live with the Drones, Toby has been infatuated with a warlock named Blaine. Not wanting to be rejected by the brooding, yet handsome man, Toby keeps his attraction to himself. Then one fateful day he and Blaine share an intimate encounter and Toby blurts out his attraction only to have Blaine push him away.
Blaine cares deeply for the shy, sexy Drone, but he knows that they can never be together. Haunted by a tragic mistake in his past, Blaine doesn’t believe he deserves any kind of happiness, let alone someone as wonderful as Toby. Even though it nearly destroys him, he vows to never claim Toby as his.
When a turn of events leads the Drones and the coven on the brink of annihilation, Blaine realizes he could lose Toby. Will Blaine be able to overcome the shadows of his past? Or will his doubts put not only himself, but Toby in mortal jeopardy?
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9 Responses to New Cover-New Blurb!

  1. bc says:

    I want this real bad,when can I have it?

  2. It comes out January 15th!

  3. Chris says:

    Stephani!!! January 15?!?!? Why have we not talked about this one????*makes note of up and coming cover models to watch out for*

  4. *sigh* Chris, I just know these hotties will cheat on me, too. I can't seem to find an honorable cover model.

  5. Angie D. says:

    I'm so excited…a new Drone book! Is it the 15th yet?

  6. luciatea says:

    Really want to read this one, although I must admit I never doubted so much a book from you would have a happy ending.. 😛 Luckily, I won't have to wait long to find out!

  7. Angie-LOL! Less than two weeks away.luciatea-I promise that there will be happy moments with the sad ones in this one 😉

  8. Anonymous says:

    HI Stephani. I can't wait for this next book! I'v read all the Drones, Shifters & EMS boooks and just wanted to say how much I loved them all! And can I just say I'm from Michigan to so go Wings! Barb W.

  9. Yah, Michigan, Barb! Thanks for dropping by and I'm glad you liked the books so much. I love writing about our home state.

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