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THEPRODIGALBROTHERThe Prodigal Brother-Blue Line Hockey Series-available now at eXtasy Books! Is there ever a time when you really can’t redeem yourself? And if so, then what’s left to live for?      At one time, Brock was the dream child of the Canton family. Not only was he the oldest, but he was predicted to be the number one draft pick for the NHL. All those dreams were shattered when Brock suffered a career-ending injury. Depressed over his loss, he became lost in an addiction to drugs. Not only that, but he betrayed his three younger brothers to the point that they never want to see him again. But that was then, and now Brock is clean and sober. While his brothers still don’t trust him, they give him a job at the rink they own. It’s there that Brock meets Jimmy, the only openly gay player in the NHL. Sparks instantly fly between the two of them, but will Brock be able to fight his addiction and past long enough to find his HEA? But then again, it is Christmastime, and they do say that is when miracles happen.   Excerpt: Saul lowered the camera and studied Jimmy for several moments. “You and Chad are pretty close, right?” “Sure we are.” “If you want it to stay that way, then do yourself a favor, and don’t ever ask him that question. If there’s one thing they hate discussing, it’s their old home life. Just forget about it. It will be better for you and Chad.” “What if it’s not Chad that I’m worried about?” “Then who…” Saul trailed off as he glanced over at Brock. “You can’t mean what I think you do. He’s straight.” As if on cue, Brock chose that moment to send Jimmy a look so smoldering and full of lust that it was a wonder the ice didn’t melt. Jimmy returned it, even going so far as to slowly lick his lips in a suggestive manner. “Oooooor, maybe not so much so,” Saul drawled out slowly. “Oh my God. Why didn’t Devon tell me that Brock liked men?” “I don’t think Devon knows. Or at least he didn’t before today. I’m sure he’s beginning to suspect, though.” Saul grunted. “Yeah, he’d have to be blind not to.” “How do you think he and Chad will react?” “They’ll be surprised at first, but it does go a long way toward explaining some things. I’ve always felt that part of Brock’s problems was that he felt guilty for not…” Saul trailed off, then shook his head. “Never mind.” Then it all dawned on Jimmy with alarming, heartbreaking clarity. Brock felt guilty for not protecting his brothers. It must have been even worse when Devon had come out to take some of the heat off Trey. No doubt, Brock felt that should have been his job, and he’d failed them yet again. “You don’t have to go on. I get it.” When Saul looked alarmed, Jimmy put up a hand. “You don’t need to worry. My own home life was far from pristine, I won’t go around and blab their secrets. Not when I have so many of my own.” Saul looked a bit relieved, but most of the tension remained in his body. “You can’t say anything to anybody…I mean it. You have no idea what the ramifications could be if their whole story came out.” That meant that there was still a bit of the mystery remaining. Instead of turning Jimmy off, it made Brock all the more intriguing. “You do know that it’s only because of them that you had it so easy when you told the world that you’re gay,” Saul said, not unkindly. Jimmy nodded, as he’d never been under any other misconceptions. “They may not have been pro, but they were hockey players. It was thanks to them that I even got the courage to do what I did.” Saul gave him a sideways look. “Yet, you’re really not out are you?” That question shocked Jimmy enough to make him forget to stare at Brock for a while. “What is that supposed to mean? I was on the cover of the Advocate and Sports Illustrated declaring my homosexuality, or did you miss that?” “Okay, maybe that’s true, but you’re still hiding in the shadow of the closet.”
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4 Responses to New Release!

  1. Natalija says:

    I can’t believe it! Brock’s book!? Ms. Hecht, you made my day!

  2. Teena M. says:

    I really enjoyed Brock and Jimmy’s story. I am so glad that the Canton Brothers are back together.

  3. stephanihecht says:

    Me, too. They deserved a HEA.

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