Opposites Assent – Out Now!

Opposites Assent (Underground Fortitude Book 1) is out now! Blurb: Every good leader knows that a war can’t be won by sheer strength alone. There have to be strong brains, too. That is what the few remaining humans have left in Jared and Avis. Jared is the young, tough soldier who fights the alien invaders out in the ruins of what was once the flourishing city of Detroit. Avis is the youthful doctor who struggles to keep what is left of humanity surviving, while trying to figure out what make the Outwarders tick. That’s not their only enemy, either. Their biggest adversary may be within their own ranks. Will it tear Jared and Avis apart just as they finally accepted their feelings for one another? Or will it make them grow closer together? Buy Links: ARe Amazon MLR
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  1. Teena says:

    Bought, read and enjoyed.

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