Today was hectic since Cody had to have all four of his wisdom teeth removed. I had to post this picture here for two reasons. First, so he could get some sympathy since he’s kind of pathetic in a cute way. Second, so I could show everyone his new haircut. I figured since I shelled out nearly a $100 for it, I should at least have some bragging rights. It’s amazing what I’ll give this kid when he gives me the puppy dog eyes.

Photo credit goes to his BFF, Nikki. Not only did she come along to lend moral support, but she also helped him out after. (although she did make sure to take pictures and video of the event) They are so close and have been calling each other Daphne and Justin. All you QAF fans will should find that humorous.
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14 Responses to Ouch!

  1. Kris says:

    Tell him I'm going to refer to him as Sunshine from now on. 😉

  2. Sharon S says:

    LOL! LOVE his new haircut. He looks adorable…even with his mouth full of gauze. ;)Tell him every day it gets a little better. My daughter had her's out last year (she's 25) and she was miserable for weeks. But that's because she kept getting dry sockets. And the pain meds made her sick to her stomach. She was a mess, poor thing, but her wife took really good care of her and once she was able to actually get some type of food in her stomach the pain meds didn't bother her as much. Just the $%$#@ dry sockets!I will be thinking of him and wishing him a quick recovery.

  3. Eyre says:

    He is a cutie! I think Sunshine fits perfectly. I hope he recovers quickly.

  4. Tam says:

    Ouch ouch ouch. Hope he's not in too much pain. He doesn't look too pathetic there. Oh and the haircut looks fine. $100? Umm. Okay. LOL

  5. luciatea says:

    His haircut looks great! And the dentist… just the thought of him plucking anything from my mouth…. iek, really brave to sit through four teeth being removed 🙂

  6. Chris says:

    Aww, he does look cute and kinda pathetic. 🙂

  7. Kris-LOL I'll tell him. Right now he's so grumpy, he's more of a storm cloud.Sharon-Thanks, I'll pass that message to him. Dry sockets don't sound like fun at all. They gave us a whole lecture about how to avoid them before we left yesterday.Eyre-I think he's a cutie, too, but he says that doesn't count since I'm his mom.

  8. Tam-we didn't tell Dad how much that haircut cost. Somehow, given that my husband only goes to GreatClips, I don't see him being to happy about me dropping that much at a salon.luciatea-I know,it gave me the willies, too. Luckily, the knocked him out for the procedure. Which made for some funny conversation on the way home, because he was still high and babbling.Chris-He has the whole slightly pouty thing going on today. I just told him he's being a little monster.

  9. Ava March says:

    You are such a pushover! LOL Very cute haircut, though. ;)I remember getting my wisdom teeth out – totally sucked. I hope Cody feels better soon.

  10. Tonya says:

    I feel his pain! Even though it has been 20 years I will never forget getting my wisdom teeth out. I was lucky, I guess and they did 2 on one side and two weeks later the other 2. But it was miserable 2 weeks in between. Let's see the Dentist forgot to sign the prescription so when the numbing wore off, ouch! For a 16 yr old, this was the worst bad. I suffered for the entire night until my mom could go back the next day to have it signed. I guess that is the pain of being the last patient of the day. But it gets better, then I got the chicken pops for the first time, more misery. Then I got to go back for the the other two to be taken out. At least he has a cool hair to show off, I did not even have that! Hope he feels better soon.

  11. Love the hair cut. I can only imagine how he feels. My daughter had hers taken out right before Christmas '09. So painfully. Hope he isn't in too much pain.

  12. Ava-Yeah, I'm such a softie as far as he's concerned. We won't even mention how much I paid so he can go to a Ke$ha concert next month.Tonya-I'm so glad they did all four of his at once so it wasn't drawn out. He's a little cranky today, but at least I got him to eat.Lisa-He has some good pain meds to see him through the worst of it. I've also been making sure that he's been keeping ice on it, too.

  13. Lily says:

    Aww, poor thing! Hope he's feeling better now. The haircut's very nice btw although $100… ouch! 🙂

  14. Thanks, Lily. He's doing very well. The swelling has gone down and he's pain free.

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