Pretty Little Words In A Bottle

Pretty litte words Available  now at eXtasy Books Sometimes crazy in love is more than just a phrase Richard had it all—money, popularity, and a promising career as an artist. That all ended one night when he made one terrible mistake that culminated with him locked up in Kirkwood Hospital for the Mentally Ill. Now diagnosed as Bi-Polar, he finds himself struggling in a new world, one where all the rules have changed, and he must find himself again. Being in a mental hospital is nothing new to Zander. Since he was sixteen and diagnosed as Bi-Polar, he’s been in and out of the places. When he sees the sexy, yet petulant newcomer, Richard, Zander is, at first, annoyed with him. But then, over time, Zander finds himself cultivating a friendship with the artist—one that grows into something deeper. But can the two men overcome their mental diseases, or is their relationship doomed before it even begins? Excerpt: “You have two minutes to get him back here.” Zander snorted. “Now you’re just setting me up to fail. He’s not going to be able to walk that well on his own. I’m going to probably have to drag his sorry ass down here. That’s not fair.” “His records say he only weighs one-forty. Even a scrawny thing like you should be able to handle that,” Samuel smirked. Zander wanted to call back and ask who was calling who scrawny, but bit back the comment, as he’d already caused enough trouble as it was. So he just settled for walking out of group and going to his room. He found Richard exactly where he expected him to be—passed out on the bed, sleeping like the dead. Zander went over and shook him on the shoulder. “Get up. They want you in group.” “Go away and leave me alone,” Richard mumbled, before he flipped over in the opposite direction. Zander sighed. Just as he suspected, this was not going to be easy for him. “Come on. After group, they bring up our breakfast. Nothing says yummy better than rubber pancakes. Then the doctors come, and it’s meds time! That’s when you get to feel like a real crazy. You line up with the rest of the crew to get a tiny pill to swallow, then you have to open up and stick out your tongue to prove you really took them. It’s just so classy, I tell you.” Richard opened one bloodshot, yet beautiful, blue eye. “Sounds like a blast, but I’ll think I’ll pass. Thanks.” Zander sighed. “You don’t have a choice. They just sent me to fetch you for group.” “Are you kidding me? I feel like the entire Smurf village is playing around in my head, and they want me to go down there and talk about my feelings. Are they fucking with me?” Zander was already beginning to like his new roommate. Now if he could just get the guy to be a bit more cooperative. “I know it sucks,” Zander said. “But you don’t have a choice. Now get up, or I’ll have to carry you.” Just when Zander thought for sure that he was going to have to go through with his threat, Richard kicked off the covers and sat up. He dangled his feet off the edge of the mattress for a moment, wobbling while he got his bearing, his eyes rolling back in his head a few times. “Man, they dosed you up pretty good,” Zander laughed. “I was having a real Joan Crawford moment.” Richard ran a hand through his messed up hair. “I don’t even want to see how I look. I can’t wait until they give me my clothes and styling stuff back. I feel lost without them.” Zander laughed. “I know what you mean. The first day here, my hair hung in my face so bad, I looked like an emo kid trying to hide my face from the rest of the world.” Richard gave a weak chuckle. “That must have been pretty tragic.” Zander went over and put his hand on Richard’s arm, noting how pitifully thin it was. “Here, let me help you walk. We better get moving before we  Samuel off even more. He can be a real asshole at times.” “Great. I haven’t even gotten out of bed, and I’m already in trouble.” They managed to make their way to the media room, and Zander sat Richard down in a chair next to him. Samuel gave them both a look of disdain. “Nice of you gentlemen to finally join us.” He handed them both sheets of paper. Looking down, Zander saw they were pictures of large jars that were full of little blank pieces of paper. “I want you to write on each of those pieces of paper things that make you angry,” Samuel said. While Zander was tempted to fill each and every one of them with Samuel he knew better, so instead he arched over the paper and put some real work into it: Food Fear of being fat Binging Purging Hate My body Letting others down Allowing what others think to dictate what I do Fear of being alone Hating that I’m alone My parents That people can’t accept me for being gay Out of interest, he peeked out of the corner of his eye to see what Richard had written. What he saw almost made Zander break down and cry. Over and over, Richard had written the same thing: I’m broken and can’t be fixed I’m broken and can’t be fixed I’m broken and can’t be fixed I’m broken and can’t be fixed I’m broken and can’t be fixed  
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  1. Dawn Lacroix says:

    I wanted to say Thank You for Pretty Little Words in a Bottle. I suffer with Depression but I am training to be a mental health counsellor for kids and the story really struck home. I could not put it down. Thank you for bringing mental health issues forward

  2. You are so welcome, Dawn. This book was special for me in many different ways. At times it was so hard to write I had to get up from the computer and take a break. But, I’m glad I finally got it out theree.

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