Regarding the re releases

Hi All, 

CJ here. Okay so most of you would have seen that Steph has got her rights back to the stories published by eXtasy books which means there are going to be heaps of books being re released soon!

As with the Lost Shifters (and Wayne County Wolves), if you’ve purchased the story previously you can get a replacement copy, just send a copy of your receipt to with your preferred format and I’ll get that to you.

For those of you who have purchased every book in a series, you can send me all of your receipts and I will add them to my spreadsheet and send the books as they’re re released. 
If you want, you can send allll of the receipts and I will add them to my list. Some of the series may end up with other publishers in which case they won’t be replaced, but I believe the majority will be done through C&J Publishing. 

The series that she’s getting back are:

Blue Line Hockey
Drone Vamprie Chronicles
EMS Heat
Flushing Owl Shifter
Friends to Lovers
Haven Coffee House Boys
Little Monsters
Night Wardens
Stray Cat Hustle

(I have excluded any co-authored series because I’m not sure what’s happening with them)

Any questions, feel free to comment or flick me an email 🙂

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9 Responses to Regarding the re releases

  1. Aleta Richard says:

    Did the books change?

  2. Punkin says:

    I’ve purchased everything on this list except for night wardens. what if I don’t have receipts? would photos of my bookshelf do? did the books change? if not I may not bother with it.

    • CJ (PA to Stephani Hecht) says:

      Hi Punkin,

      Most of the stories will only have updated editing but some will be expanded.
      I can accept photos of the books in your library if you don’t have all the receipts.


      • Foretta says:

        Hi. I also have every (I think) book she has so far released since she is an auto buy author. LOL. I don’t have the receipts but I have them in my computer library. Could I take a few screen shots of them as well??? I’m not worried about the ones only getting better editing (I can over look it) but I’d love to get the ones that are expanded.

  3. Demetra says:

    That’s gonna be a lot of receipts

    • CJ (PA to Stephani Hecht) says:

      Hi Demetra,

      Yes, yes it is. But a lot of receipts now is going to make it easier in the future 🙂


  4. Ronda says:

    I am thinking I bought the majority through Amazon, so when you push a revised copy wouldn’t I automatically get the updates?

    • CJ (PA to Stephani Hecht) says:

      Hi Ronda,

      I’m guessing not. If the revised copy was coming from the original publisher then maybe, but since it’s not, it should be assigned a new link and therefore it’s a brand new book.
      But that is just my guess.


  5. Patsy Harris says:

    I lost most of my drone series in cyber space and just need to repurchase the books again I just need to find out were to go and get these books again. I love your writing !

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