Sex Scene or Murder Scene-The Game

Sex Scene or Murder Scene? | Liquid Generation

I stumbled across this game online and ended up wasting a good hour playing it. I dare you to try it. And, no, the picture above has nothing to do with the game. I just found it at Photobucket and it made me laugh so hard that I had to share it,
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6 Responses to Sex Scene or Murder Scene-The Game

  1. Ava March says:

    LMAO! Of course, I had to play a round of the game. Loved the little blue smiley faces on the nipples. *he-he*

  2. I laughed my ass off at that, too. They have five different rounds of the game and I had to play them all.

  3. Tam says:

    I probably would have done much better if I watched horror movies because then I would have recognized more of the murder scenes.

  4. Chris says:

    I love the picture you used!I didn't do as poorly as I thought I would! Oh, wait, five different rounds?! *goes back*

  5. Tam, I can't watch horror movies, either. I cover my eyes through the whole show and keep asking, "What's going on?" It's so bad my son and husband have refused to watch them with me.

  6. Chris, I also found another game on there called, "Porn Face or Sneeze Face" that one was a hoot, too.

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