Somebody’s Been a Bad Little Wolf Out Now!

Somebody's Been a Bad little wolfSomebody’s Been a Bad Little Wolf Wayne County Wolves Book #12 Sometimes, just as you’ve given up all hope, your true love comes into your life and turns everything upside down. A dollar short and a day too late, if that wasn’t the story of Levine’s life. Every time the Omega falls for another Wolf, he only manages to lose him to another man. Finally, Levine has given up all hope until a new Wolf, Colt, joins the pack. Levine finds himself instantly attracted to the man and is determined to catch him, no matter what it takes. Colt is just trying to get used to his new pack. The last thing he needs is some crazy Omega, who is obviously off his rocker, bugging him all the time. Try as he might, though, he can’t make Levine go away. To make things worse, Colt is actually starting to find himself attracted to the Omega. Will Levine finally get his man? Or is he destined to be alone forever?   Excerpt: Colt was just about to flick his gaze away, when the Omega got up and began to walk his way. Shit! That could only mean one thing—he was actually going to have to talk to the little brat. Just when he thought that things couldn’t get any worse in his life, too. The Omega drew close enough for Colt to smell. Oh, hell. Things were going to be harder than he’d first imagined. The Omega smelled good enough to eat. It was a mixture on honeysuckle and pine. Colt drew his hands into fists as he told his body to maintain control. The last thing he wanted was to embarrass himself in front of one of the first pack members he met. “Hi, I’m Levine. How can I help you?” the Omega asked. There were so many ways that Colt wanted to answer that question, most of which were probably illegal in some countries. But Colt knew he couldn’t utter even one of them. So he just went with, “I need to speak with your Alpha, please.” Levine smiled, showing off one dimple. Just one, not two, showing another way that he was unique. “I’ll be happy to bring you to him. Just follow me.” As soon of Levine turned and revealed his fine ass, Colt realized he would follow the Omega anywhere, even off a cliff. Levine paused to wave at somebody. An assassin, going by the cloak and hood the shifter was wearing. Colt wondered if they were a pair. For some odd reason, that made a bolt of white hot anger shoot through him. Which he had no right to feel. It’s not like Levine was his mate or anything. Hell, the two had only known each other for a few moments for cripes sake. “Is that your boyfriend or something?” Colt still asked, call him cray-cray, but he just couldn’t control himself sometimes. Levine gave a slight shake of his head. “Naw, I’m not with anybody. In fact, I was just telling Toby today that I may as well give it up and admit that I’m going to grow old and become a spinster.” Colt almost tripped when he heard that statement. Levine, a spinster? Was he high or something? There was no way in hell that somebody that good looking didn’t have guys throwing themselves at him all the time. Unless he was a serial killer, wet the bed, or was guilty of some other heinous deed. “Why is that? I would think you would have guys throwing themselves at your feet?” Colt asked, his confusion growing. Levine gave a slight shrug. “I don’t know. Guys just don’t want me. Every time I see one that I like, he gets snatched out from under me by somebody else.”
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