statAvailable now at eXtasy Books!   Wells thinks life is all work and no play, and Jaret thinks life is all one big party. When the two clash, an attraction develops that nobody saw coming. Jaret may be a paramedic, but that doesn’t mean he lets the everyday horrors he sees keep him down. Every day is a reason to party, and he always loves to be the center of attention. When he finds out that his new partner is Wells, the stuffy medic in the company, Jaret is less than thrilled. But the longer they work together, the more Jaret finds himself drawn to Wells. Wells, on the other hand, seems not to even notice that Jaret is there. Will Jaret be able to attract Wells’ attention? Or do opposites really distract?   Excerpt: It was going to be boring as hell since the only person Jaret had to talk to was Wells, and everybody knew the guy was less than chatty. They pulled into the parking lot, and Wells found a spot but kept the rig running. That way, if they got a call, they would be ready. “So I hear you’re trying to get into medical school,” Jaret said, in hopes of getting some sort of conversation going. “Yes, so I hope you’ll leave me alone while I try to study. I’ve heard about your penchant for trouble, and I don’t want any part of it.” With those words, Wells grabbed a book that must have weighed twenty pounds, opened it, and began to read. Both angered and incredulous, all Jaret could do was stare at Wells for a moment. He’d heard the guy was a jerk, but wow…just, wow. “Penchant for trouble?” Jaret echoed. “Do you always talk that way?” Wells looked up from his book. “What’s wrong with the way I said that?” Jaret gave a half-shrug. “Nothing, it just makes you sound like one of the old dudes that used to be on the Bullwinkle cartoons. That’s all.” Wells gave Jaret an irritated glare. “Just because I don’t talk like a five-year-old, like you do, doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with me.” “I don’t talk like I’m five.” “Yes, you do. You also act like it, too.” “That’s not true,” Jaret denied. “Yes, it is. You always have to cause trouble, and if you’re not the center of attention, you throw a hissy fit. Then you do something to ensure that everybody starts noticing you. Why do you think that you always have to play those stupid pranks on people?” “Oh…I don’t know, maybe it’s because I like to have fun,” Jaret bit back sarcastically. “No, it’s because you have a serious me-me-me complex. It’s really getting old, too. I grew bored of it the first week I worked for the company.” Jaret could feel his cheeks getting flushed with rage. How dare Wells sit there in judgment of him? The two of them had barely spoken to each other. Surely, not long enough for Wells to form such a harsh opinion of Jaret. “I’ll tell you what,” Jaret said. “You study your little books, and I’ll try my best to pretend you’re not there.” “It sounds like a perfect plan to me,” Wells said. Jaret slumped back in his seat. He didn’t know what in the hell the chief had been thinking when he partnered them together. At the rate they were going, they would be lucky if they made it through one shift without killing each other.
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  1. I loved it! The snarky humor cracks me up! And being an EMT for years just makes my enjoyment of this series even better! Keep ’em coming!

  2. Lisa says:

    LOVED IT — who’s next? Maybe Dallas or Leo?

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