Stupidest Superhero Secret Identities


Stupidest Superhero Secret Identities

According to

My favorite part of this article by writer, Maxwell Yezpitelok:

  How does a lame trapeze act become famous, you ask? By getting themselves killed in front of a full audience, of course. Luckily for young Dick, Batman happened to be in the audience when all this happened, and adopted the boy. Unluckily for Dick, he decided that the exact same flamboyant circus outfit that his dead family just made front page news in would make a great super-secret superhero costume. This rampant disregard for Dick’s out-of-costume identity, coupled with the inherent dangers of “fighting crime from the shadows” while wearing bright primary colors and no armor save for a Speedo and a V-neck shirt, begs the question: Why did Batman want Robin dead so badly?


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4 Responses to Stupidest Superhero Secret Identities

  1. Chris says:

    Funny! This link takes you to the first page – I had trouble figuring that out.

  2. Thanks, Chris. I couldn't fix it, either. I don't know whether to blame stupid Blogger or myself for no being able to figure it out. LOL

  3. Chris says:

    Let's blame Blogger. *shakes fist*

  4. Curse you, Blogger! We would send Robin to go teach you a lesson, but thanks to his bright primary color uniform, you'd see him coming a mile away.

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