Surprise! Hid in the Shadows is out NOW!

Surprise! Hid in the Shadows, Assassin’s Loyalty Book 1 is out NOW!!!




From the Lost Shifter World comes an exciting new series, Assassin’s Loyalty.

Raider, a Tiger shifter, was sold into captivity at birth. Raised to be a cold-hearted killer, he eventually guaranteed his freedom. Once, he was rid of his master, Raider, along with some of his Assassin friends started their own free-lance group that works out of Flint. That still doesn’t mean that Raider sees himself as anything more than a hardened murderer and he feels as if he is an emotionless shell.
Koala shifter, Conner, just barely escaped when slavers attacked his family home. Betrayed by his brother and with his parents dead, he is on his own. That is until Raider finds him. Conner feels an instant attraction to the Assassin, but Raider keeps pulling away.
Conner, also, has a secret. One that is so big, it will shake the entire shifter community. Can Raider overcome his reservations and give in to his feelings? Or will he and Conner have to pay the ultimate price?
P.S. Yes, Shane is in this book.

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5 Responses to Surprise! Hid in the Shadows is out NOW!

  1. Kerry says:

    Wow Just wow off to get it now thank you

  2. Leenie says:

    WOW!! So excited just got can’t wait to read it!! Thank YOU!!

  3. Leenie says:

    WOW!!That is amazing just got it can’t wait to read it!! Thank YOU!!

  4. Shauna says:

    Read it last night and enjoyed it very much. But I don’t get the bamboo thing. You know they koalas only eat eucalyptus leaves, right? Sorry, but I’m Australian and it kind of bothered me a bit. Otherwise, another ripping yarn. Thanks!

    • StephanI Hecht says:

      The reason why shifter Koala don’t eat eucalyptus is because it’s bad for their human side, but you’ll read more about that later on. Unlike other poisons this one does damage shifters in large doses.

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