Taming an Owl Out Now!

Taming an Owl Taming an Owl Flushing Owl Book 2 Sometimes your past has a way of catching up with you, even if you don’t know what said past may be. When Gene was freed from prison, he was more than happy to join Austin’s Owl Parliament. After all, Gene’s childhood family had exiled him and turned their backs, leaving Gene nowhere to go. He was a nobody. A floater. Just a whisper in the wind. Ever since Gene joined the  Parliament, Leon finds he is drawn to the newcomer. But there are just a few problems, as Gene is smart-mouthed, snarky, cocky, never listens to orders, and has more attitude than a four-year-old who has been denied his candy. Then an unexpected threat comes from Gene’s past and threatens his life. Will Leon be able to save him? If so, will he be able to overcome all his fears in order to claim Gene as his? Excerpt: Gene went into the bathroom, then came out a few moments later. While he appeared to be wearing the same clothing, Gene knew that damn green thong was on underneath it all. It both turned Leon on and angered him at the same time. For some reason, he felt that he should be the only one to see Gene’s body, not a bunch of nameless, horny men who were waving dollar bills around. Gene grabbed his backpack and stuffed his book in it. “That should about do it. They said I get a free lunch and that they’ll grease me up once I’m there.” Leon balled his hands into tight fists. He. Would. Not. Kill. He’d promised Austin that he’d keep hold of his temper after the last incident, when some jerk frat boy had dared to mouth off to Leon. Leon still didn’t know what the big deal was. All he’d done was taken out his knife and slash all the guy’s tires. The asshole hadn’t even gotten out of his car, so there wasn’t any real confrontation. So, in Leon’s opinion, the whole thing had been way overblown. Besides, he reminded himself once again, it wasn’t as if Gene was his. That meant that Leon didn’t own him or anything. So Gene could run naked through the streets and Leon would have no say in it. “Okay then. Let’s go,” Leon said. Gene gaped at him. “You were actually serious when you said you were going to come and watch over me?” “You bet.” “Why? I’m going to be in the cage the entire time. How much safer can I be?” “You still have to walk to and from there. I’m pretty sure this bar isn’t in the best of neighborhoods.” Gene crossed his arms over his chest. “I can take care of myself.” “Sure, that’s why you were captured and kept in a cell for five years.” That comment got Leon a dirty look. “Low blow,” Gene snapped. “Besides, when they caught me, I was way outnumbered. There was no way I could have fought them all off. Not even you would have been capable, and you fight like a fricking superhero.” Leon couldn’t help but smile at the comment. “You think that much about my fighting skills?” Gene let out a huff. “Come on. Like you don’t know you fight better than Arnold, Seagal, and Van Damme combined. You just want to hear me say it, so I can inflate that already mega ego of yours.” Now it was Leon’s turn to gape. “I don’t have an ego.” “Please, your ego is so huge I’m surprised there’s room for the rest of us in the house.” And that was the crux of Leon’s problem. He didn’t know whether to strangle Gene or kiss him. He did know one thing, he’d better figure it out fast, or he was going to go crazy. This little menace was beginning to occupy all of Leon’s thoughts. Since Leon was the head of the Parliament’s security, that was not a good thing. If Leon had one little slip up, it could affect the whole group. Letting out a small growl, Leon said, “Let’s just get going.”
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