The Chronicles of Shane-Part Five

I see London, I see France, I see some fuck-head of a Mountain Lion’s underpants. Shane grimaced, wondering why in the hell the guy had chosen to wear boxers that had the Ghostbusters theme on it. Not only was it sacrilegious to let such a slimy ass near such a classic of a movie, but Halloween had passed a few days ago. So, it was time to bust out something new that better fit the upcoming holidays. A shudder went through Shane as he realized that maybe that was because the Mountain Lion hadn’t changed at all since Halloween. Now, Shane was usually the last one to give fashion tips. He didn’t care about matching, which was okay since he only wore all back anyways. But, he’d been known to walk around with a little bit of dirt and a whole lot of blood all over him from time-to-time. While it never bothered him, for some reason the rest of the coalition always got their tails tied up in knots over it. He let out a sigh, he’d never understand sane people. “Are we going to beat the shit out of this guy or are you going to stare at him all day?” Carson gripped. “It’s so cold, I lost my left nut a few feet back.” “Just be patient,” Shane replied, never taking his gaze off the target. They were crouched behind a beat-up car, outside an even more beat-up club. A dive, with the reputation of being one step up from the Thunderdome, the nightly death count sometimes reached double digits. More than once, the owners had tried to hire Shane as a bouncer, so he could make everybody play nice before all the customers were killed off. “Seriously, it snapped clean off and is laying on the ground.” “I’m sure it’s a pitiful sight and I’m sorry for your loss, but I have other things to worry about.” “That’s easy for you to say. The whole coalition is saying that Trevor has your balls anyways. They say you’re losing your edge.” In one fluid motion Shane flipped his wrist, dropping the blade that was hidden up his sleeve.  Before Carson could react, Shane had the blade pointed at the Panther’s groin. “If they’re saying that, then maybe I better get an extra set. If I wear them around my neck, maybe they’d get the message,” Shane mused in a calm voice. Carson paled. “I thought we were friends.” “We are. Anybody else would already be singing soprano right now.” “I sometimes wonder why I hang out with you at all.” “Because I’m the only one who puts up with your crap,” Shane replied bluntly. Deciding that Carson had sweated enough, Shane pulled his arm away and retracted the blade. After all, he did like the guy, so he didn’t want to make Carson bleed…much. “What are we waiting for?” Carson asked again, this time in a more polite tone, which had to be a first for him. “I want to make sure that when we do pin him down that none of his buddies are around, that way we have plenty of time to question him. From what I hear, he has some information on the Scorpion bitch.” “Really?” Carson tilted his head to the side, his green highlights glinting in the streetlights. “Yeah, they’re lovers.” Shane almost choked on the last word. Carson made a face of utter disgust. “Duuuuuuuuuude, that is just so wrong.” “Not all of us are gay,” Shane drawled. “I know that. It’s just the thought of getting close to her at all. She has venom dripping in so many places, she’s just sticky and gross.” Shane couldn’t argue that one. The chick was disgusting and that said something since he once had to fight a mutated Raven shifter, who was wearing nothing but a thong and some horribly misplaced pasties. Luck was with them, because the Mountain Lion’s friends were going back into the club and the jerk was heading their way. Bingo! He hadn’t even realized it when they’d hidden, but the piece of shit car actually belonged to their target. How wonderful for them. It would have been easy for even a rookie to tell the Mountain Lion was a rogue. His dark, blond hair was unkempt and greasy. His clothes were about two sizes too big and looked like rejects from the charity bin. His jeans were so dirty that they were actually shiny in places, while his flannel shirt lacked several buttons. He didn’t even have laces in his worn, brown work boots. Giving a nod to Carson, Shane leapt to his feet. Before the Mountain Lion could even have a chance to see him, Shane pinned the overly thin man down and had the edge of his blade to the feline’s throat. The Mountain Lion opened his mouth to scream, but Shane put a finger to the guy’s mouth to shush him. “It’s you,” the feline managed to stammered. “And, it’s you…Rock,” Shane replied in a cold voice. Rock began to shake. It was common knowledge that you never, ever wanted Shane to know your name, because death usually followed. Carson snorted. “Rock? Really? Are you that hard up for some bad-ass vibes that you had to resort to stealing as human wrestler’s name? That’s just sad.” “What do you want from me?” Rock asked Shane. “Not much, just a bit of information on your girlfriend. And don’t even think about trying to insult my intelligence by acting like you don’t know who she is?” It would seem Rock was as dumb as his name suggested because he shook his head. “I honestly don’t know.” Letting out a snarl, Shane lifted his blade. Only instead of bringing it down across Rock’s neck, Shane aimed for his wrist. Rock let out a scream as his hand was cleanly sliced from his arm. The doors to the bar opened, but Carson lifted up his AK-47 and pointing at the crowd.  Using his best Officer Barbrady voice, Carson called, “Nothing to see here. Move along you, lookie-loos.” When they continued to stand there, Carson sprayed the area by their feet with gunfire. “Seriously, get the fuck back inside…Now!!!!” Once they were alone again, Shane smiled down at Rock. “Now, I suggest that you get cooperative pretty soon. My friend over there told me that I need some balls. So, I may as well take yours. I wonder how much your girlfriend will like you if you came back a Eunuch?” “You wouldn’t do that?” Rock challenged. “If you know anything about me at all, you know that not only will I do that, but a whole lot worse. So, if I were you I would get to talking.”  
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  1. Demetra says:

    I LOVE Shane!!!!!

  2. panalopy says:

    More Shane is always a good thing!

  3. Shane really is my favorite!!

  4. Vicki says:

    I adore Shane and the whole series. I own every one and have read them all multiple times. But I thought Carson was a cheetah (Savage Awakenings).

  5. Deborah H says:

    I love shane! I can’t wait for more! But I couldn’t read part 3 for some reason?

  6. Collette Nicole says:

    More Shane!!!! I love when one of my birthday wishes comes true!!! 😀

  7. jessica canoto says:

    yay more shane and carson they are my two favorites this made my day thank you i hope we get more soon

  8. Kerry says:

    I love all the lost shifter more more

  9. Leenie says:

    I Love Shane!!

  10. Lori Hester says:

    Is this book going to be sold at Extasy Books? If so when? I mean The Chronicles of Shane?If not at Extasy Books where?

  11. Jess Buffett says:

    God, I love those two!!!

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