The Defeat of Lawson Out Now!

The Defeat of LawsonThe Defeat of Lawson Sometimes you can’t get away from who you are. No matter how hard you run.    
    Ever since Marty had his first shift and nobody saw it, he’s kept his big, fat, Cougar secret to himself. After all, he has a great life. He has loving parents, he’s in his senior year of college, and he has a bright future in front of him. That all changes one night when he is attacked by a group of Ravens.
    When Lawson sees the tall man being confronted by the Ravens, he knows he has to go help the guy. Once the fight is over, Lawson is shocked to find out that Marty is a Lost Shifter. Against Marty’s will, Lawson takes the Cougar back to the coalition for his own safety. But Marty vows he’ll escape at the first opportunity.
    Will Lawson be able to convince Marty that it’s safer to stay with the coalition? If so, what will they do about their growing attraction to one another?   Excerpt:

 Marty was so worried about his history exam that he didn’t even realize that he was being followed by a group of Goth wannabes until they were practically breathing down his neck. Marty let out a gasp of fear, the frost billowing in front of him. While it was spring, the evenings were still cold, which meant that most of the other students had either driven to class or taken public transportation. So, that meant the place was deserted and, worse yet, it was dark, and neither situation worked in Marty’s favor.

    Trying hard not to look over his shoulder at them again, as if ignoring them would actually make them disappear, Marty started to walk faster. When he went to adjust the strap of his backpack, he noticed that his hands were sweating, despite the fact that it was nippy.

    Fear swelled in Marty’s throat as he heard the heavy footsteps behind him start to pick up speed, too. Now, he had no doubt in his mind. The group was coming after him. But why? Were they going to mug him? If so, Marty would happily hand over what cash he had. His father was the president of an advertising company, so Marty could easily get some more. Heck, Marty even had his own car. He just rarely used it, preferring to walk instead.

    Could they have found out about his secret and they were now coming to get him because of it? No. Marty shook his head. There was no way they could know about that. He had been extra careful to keep that to himself. Even his parents didn’t know. In fact, it was Marty’s greatest fear that they would find out. He didn’t think he could stand to see the looks of disgust on their faces. To have them turn their backs on him. To disown him. Sure, they had supported him when he came out, but this was a whole different matter. Being gay was one thing. Being a dirty, filthy animal was quite another.

    “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty,” one of the Goths sang out.

    Marty sucked in a breath. How did they know? Marty had been alone when he’d had his one and only shift, and he’d been so careful not to tell anybody. So, how was it that this group of Hot Topic rejects knew about his secret?

    “Leave me alone,” Marty called back as he began to break out into a run.

    “Now why would we do that? It’s not every day when we find an itty bitty kitten like you out all by himself. All we want to do is have some fun with you. It won’t hurt…much.”

    Oh, shit! Marty knew he was in big trouble now. The worst part was he couldn’t exactly grab his cell and call 911. That would risk exposing who he was to the human world. If the cops were to find out that Marty was a Cougar, they would more than likely throw him at the Goths and tell them to have their way with him.

    Marty came to one realization. The group following him had to be shifters themselves. Shifters that had a major beef with felines. Marty didn’t know how they had figured out that he was a Cougar. Maybe they had smelled it on him. Or maybe it had been the way he had moved. But something had given him away, and now he was in capital T-rouble.

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