The Gay Rights Movement II

Stop what you are doing now and watch this video. It is one of the most powerful ones I have ever seen.
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6 Responses to The Gay Rights Movement II

  1. Hunt says:

    Wow! Powerful indeed!

  2. Yes, Hunt, it really was.

  3. I am just blown away, I can’t wait till the day when some youngster asks his parents what did it all mean back then!!!

  4. joann says:

    its a very powerful video .all people has rights to marriage and many other issue.we as people our rights are in danger . because many of the issue we facing like gun control and equal marriage .some people do not want any people to have. its time to put the hate aside and help our country out . its time that we the people should fight the right to be equal in marriage rights and other issues that these people says its wrong .also its time the president help out too. instead taking all these vacations that we tax payers pay. he is to help his people in these issues. not hide in mexico china airzona or any other country or state. we the tax payers pay him to his job and help. its about time that gays have the same rights. because they are gay .we should takes their rights away . wrong we should accept and support these rights to be equal as us. and accept them as equal.

    • joann says:

      i met to say gay rights should not be taking is wrong to do that .the video was very powerful and its about time we should stand and support the human rights .many people who do not want these rights giving out. our country is base on equal rights for people of any race or color and straight or gay. but sometime we have to fight or protest for that equal rights. that is why our poor father frought for equal rights. i sorry steph for that line . i wrote in my comment. . i think thats equal rights is for everyone . we take our freedom for granted and forget that there are people who is trying to keep our freedom free. we should support our community . also parent if your child says he or she is gay. please do not throw them out on the street . love them and support them .. lead by example. and may be the world wil follow

  5. Thank you guys for your support. You have no idea how much it means to me. *hugs*

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