The Hunt Begins Out Now!

4398THEHUNTBEGINS510-430x645The Hunt Begins Little Monsters Book 1 Sometimes the best things come in little packages. A Well-Heeled Jack. Big Foot. Unicorn. Abominable Snowman. Brownie. All things that are not really true. Things that are made up by mad men or those who have spent way too much time in the woods alone. Right…or maybe not. Meet Bronson, one of the last known Well-Heeled Jacks in existence. He’s been living in relative peace for the past few decades with a Unicorn and twins, one a Big Foot, the other an Abominable. Sure, their digs may not be the best, an abandoned Insane Asylum, but one has to see the irony in it. Then, one day, a certain Brownie sneaks himself into their lives. One named Nixon. Bronson immediately feels himself drawn to the other man. Nixon has spent his life on the run, but not with Bronson. He feels safe and cared for. What’s more, Nixon feels a special connection to the other man. But, before they have time to react to their connection dark forces attack them. Will the pair live to see another day? If they do, will their desires lead to something more? Excerpt: Bronson went to his office. He needed to talk to his connections to see if there were any signs of paranormal activity anywhere. If it was near Bronson, it would be up to him and his team to go and investigate it, then eliminate it if need be. As soon as he reached the threshold of the door, Bronson knew something was amiss. Usually, his office was a mess. There were papers, empty soda cans, overflowing trash bins, and general chaos, in short he was a bit of a slob. What met him at the moment was a perfectly cleaned room. All the papers were neatly stacked, the bins were empty, and there was no garbage to be found. Bronson walked inside and ran his finger over the top of his desk. Gone was the sticky residue of spilled soda. Now the desk was so clean that one could sit on it without the fear of being stuck for life. He sniffed the air and detected a scent that he hadn’t smelled in centuries. Bronson gave a slight shake of his head. No, it couldn’t be. They’d gone extinct years ago. Yet there was no denying what he was smelling. “You can come out. I know who you are, and I promise that you’ll be safe,” Bronson called.
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3 Responses to The Hunt Begins Out Now!

  1. You bring a smile to my face and wash away my worries with your imagination running rampant in pages that my seeking fingers love to fondle. Bring it on and I will buckle up and enjoy the ride.

  2. TJ says:

    Enjoyed the book and am looking.forward to this series. Thanks for a new direction

  3. stephanihecht says:

    Thanks guys! I got the inspiration for this one when my daughter went through her watching Finding Bigfoot phase. LOL

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