The Omega and the Assassin

4172TheOmegaAndTheAssissin510w-430x645Available now at eXtasy Books! Blurb:  Simon may be the best tracker out there, but somebody else is on his trail, and if he doesn’t watch it, they may just catch him and not release him. Raised to never trust any other shifters outside his inner circles, the last thing Simon wants to do is to work with a Wolf, much less an Omega. Finn doesn’t want to work with Simon any more than Simon wants to be with him. Not only does the assassin intimidate him, but Simon is nothing more than a jerk. But, despite all that, Finn finds himself growing attracted to Simon, which is crazy because he hates Simon. Will Finn and Simon be able to put their differences aside to give love a chance?   Excerpt: After Tate rounded up Kline, they left and began to make their way to the cafeteria. They were about halfway there when Finn spotted Simon and his fellow assassins hanging out in the hallway. “Can you guys wait here a second? I have to ask Simon something.” Finn asked. “Who’s Simon?” Kline asked. Finn rolled his eyes. “He’s my assassin.” “Fine, but hurry up. I’m starved,” Tate said. “I’ll make sure to hurry before you waste away to nothing,” Finn assured him. Finn rushed ahead and approached Simon. As he grew closer, his apprehension intensified. He’d been around one assassin before and that had been bad enough. Now he was about to be around a group of them. They all looked every bit as scary as Simon did, too. And like Simon they all screamed Alpha. Why did they always have to wear those damn black cloaks? It reminded Finn of the bad guys from some video game or something. Simon turned and stared at Finn as he approached. A huge part of Finn wanted to turn heel and run back to the protection of his brothers. But he couldn’t for two reasons. One, he’d just told Tate that he could handle himself without any help. Two, if he did run, he’d look like an idiot in front of the assassins. So, even though he was trembling from head-to-toe, Finn pressed on until he was standing in front of Simon. Damn, they sure made assassins big. Each and every one of them seemed to tower over Finn. He felt like a little kid compared to the giants. “I need to talk to you,” Finn said to Simon. Simon gave a half-shrug. “Then talk.” Finn could feel a heat come over his face as he felt the probing stares of the other assassins. “I was hoping we could do it in private. If that’s okay with you.” Simon let out a put-upon sigh, but he grabbed Finn by the wrist and led him to a nearby doorway. Finn tried hard not to notice how nice it felt to have Simon touch him. Even if it was just a little tug on the arm. It was as if an electric jolt had gone up his arm and traveled through his entire body, awakening every sensation within him. “What was so important that you had to drag me away from my meeting to talk about?” Simon demanded. He let go of Finn’s hand. Finn felt an instant loss and it was all he could do not to reach out and grab for Simon again. Which would have made a spectacular fool of himself. Not that he hadn’t already done that. For a moment, Finn just stood there, all deer in headlights, as his mind tried to catch up with his aroused body. While he and Simon were far from actually being alone, in the alcove of the doorway, it sure felt like it. All Finn could think of was all the naughty things they could do without anyone being the wiser. Finn felt like he was losing his mind. Why in the hell was he thinking that way? He hated Simon, and Simon had made it perfectly clear that he hated Finn. So, the last thing Finn should be thinking about is getting jiggy with the Tiger. Yet, there was no denying it. He wanted Simon. No, he needed Simon. Just as much as he needed his next breath.  While Finn might not have gotten out much, he’d run across enough guys to be attracted to more than a few, but none had ever hit him this hard. What was it about Simon that made him so different? Simon crossed his arms over his chest and gave Finn an irritated glare. “I’m waiting for my answer. What is it that you needed?” “I was wondering if you could give me swimming lessons?” Finn blurted. Finn didn’t need his heightened sense of smell to know that question shocked Simon. The Tiger’s brows raised and he let out a low whistle. “Wow, that one came out of left field. Not that you don’t need them, but why come to me?” “Because you’re the only one I know who can swim.” “Yeah, I noticed you don’t get out much.” Finn leaned against the wall. “So does that mean you’ll do it?” Simon rubbed at his chin. “Sure, I guess I will. The feline coalition has a pool we can use.” Finn felt a thrill go through him. It would be a chance for him to get some alone time with Simon without the Betas being around. With just the two of them together, who knew what could happen? But he hates you, remember? Finn told his inner monologue to put a lid on it. So he had feelings for Simon. What was the big deal? It wasn’t like anything was ever going to happen because of them. Simon shifted them around so Finn was braced against the door, and Simon had a hand on either side of Finn’s head. Finn’s heart began to race as he realized the assassin had him pinned in. Simon leaned in and made a big show of sniffing Finn. “Boy, you must be really nervous, because you missed it completely.” Swallowing hard, Finn gazed up at Simon. “Missed what?”  
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  1. Punkin says:

    Thanks. Already bought! Will be reading later today!!

  2. margaret hall says:

    Just ordered this book. very excited

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