Things You Can’t Unsee

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8 Responses to Things You Can’t Unsee

  1. Chris says:

    With that title, there's NO WAY I'm watching that video. 🙂

  2. Tam says:

    OMG, the guy with the centrefold made me laugh out loud in my office. And the dog, too cute. My daughter actually has a snuggie (I want one with skulls) but she keeps it at her Dad's where it's always cold. We joke about the people who wear it to the movie theatre (not in this commercial). LOL

  3. Oh come on, Chris. Be brave! How many other times in life can you watch a bunch of Snuggie-wearing people do the Macarena?

  4. Tam, I keep threatening my son that I'm going to buy the whole family ones and that I will force them to wear them everywhere. I could just see us sporting them to the next family picnic. We would look so fabulous! LOL

  5. Ava March says:

    I'm with Chris – too scared to watch the video. And 'Snuggie-wearing people do the Macarena' isn't going to get me to click on the vid any faster. LOL.

  6. No fun, Ava! So I guess this means you won't be my twinsie and wear a Sunggie to the next GDRWA meeting. It would have been so fun, too.

  7. I tried to resist. Okay, not very hard, because I am powerless in the face of such enticement. Now, I have the song stuck in my head and my youngest son wants to know why we don't have Sunggies.

  8. Sorry for getting that awful song in your head, Bronwyn. I keep threatening my oldest that the first time he brings a date home, the whole family is going to greet them while wearing Snuggies. Yeah, I'm evil like that.

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