Updates! I have lots of them.

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been here. Time got away from be, but I never should have neglected the site for so long. I have a new PA on board, though, and she will be keeping me on the right path. I lucked out and got a great gal, too. T.t Miller! If you need replacement copies of any of my re-releases contact her at PA3Stephani@gmail.com.

In the past several weeks I released, Jax’s Rebellion, the first book in the Coalition Training Academy. It’s a YA spinoff of the Lost Shifter Series and I had a blast writing it. More good news, I am almost finished with the next book in the Loyalty Assassin series. I will make sure to post more info as release day gets close.

Joie is officially a sophomore! She’s, also, sixteen! Sob!!!!!! Speaking of time, where did it all go? She’s brought her grades up to all A’s and B’s. I am so happy for her. She worked her butt off and now she is even helping out other special needs kids. I’ve asked her to draw a picture of Shane and Trevor. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

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