Warming Up Sebastian Available Now!

Available now from Extasy Books! (click picture for link) 1470941_10202283267898975_2078249531_n

Thrown into a world of paranormal of violence, there’s only one thing to do: create your own destiny.


    Sebastian has been tossed into the thick of a war between the Birds of Prey and Blood Demons. He’s heard it all about fate, destiny, and this is how it’s going to be. Oh, hell no, it isn’t. Sebastian has his connections and will use them to help him and his mate Wren solve the problem of the mates’ loss of freedom. Wren has been drawn to Sebastian since he laid eyes on him. Hurt by his refusal to even be near him, Wren feels at a loss of what to do until he follows Sebastian one night. Wren discovers that Sebastian may have been in this world a lot longer than they all ever knew.

Excerpt: Sebastian would have made one rocking ninja. As he stole down the stairs of the Birds of Prey mansion, he was all stealth. He lived in the shadows, moved with the ease of a jungle cat and was as quiet as the spring wind. There was no way that anybody could hear him, much less catch him trying to sneak away. In fact, he was so good at this gig, he was thinking about changing his major at college to Ninja Extraordinaire. They still had professional ninjas, didn’t they? Still, Sebastian couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty about stealing away like this. If Wren were to find out, he would be both livid and hurt. That was the last thing Sebastian wanted. For all his talk about not wanting a mate, a huge part of Sebastian had developed feelings for Wren. It wasn’t like Sebastian didn’t plan on coming back, though. He just needed to pick up a few things from his apartment, and then he would return. If he was quick enough about it, he could do it without anyone noticing that he’d left at all. Sebastian reached the bottom of the stairs and was just making his way to the door. His heart began to beat wildly in his chest. He was going to make it. For the first time in a month, he was going to get his first taste of freedom. Nothing could stop him now. “Just where in the hell do you think you’re going?” a voice boomed from behind him. Sebastian nearly jumped from his skin. He would recognize that voice anywhere. Mostly because it haunted him both during the day and at night, in his dreams. Wren! Sebastian whirled around and was immediately transfixed at how good the warrior looked. Wren wore head-to-toe leather that molded to his tight, muscular body, leaving very little to the imagination. It made Sebastian want to throw himself at the man and not let go until he had every one of those dips and ridges memorized to perfection. Then there was Wren’s to-die-for hair. It was streaked with nearly every shade of brown imaginable. While it was cut short, the front was long enough to hang over his deep, hazel eyes. In short, Wren was everything Sebastian could want in a man, yet he could never touch. Despite the fact that they were destined mates. Especially if Wren found out what Sebastian really was. For if that were to happen, Sebastian had no doubt his scrawny ass would be kicked to the curb, Blood Demons or not.  
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  1. Tina says:

    Great series! Great book!

  2. Teena M. says:

    loved this book and totally love the series.

  3. stephanihecht says:


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