Wax Vac and a Contest

photo (40)So, I’m sure you’ve all seen the Wax Vac commercials. You know the ones, where they promise that you will never need another Q-tip in your entire life once you have their amazing product. I was mesmerized, lured, amazed–in short, I had to have one. The next time Jackie and I were out, I convinced her to stop by the local CVS and we both bought one. I had her convinced that it would work. To her credit, she was doubtful, but I told her, “No, the magical TV box said it would work and they never, ever lie.” So, we took our purchases home and tried them out. I used it on my ears…nothing. I tried them on my mom’s ears…nothing. I tried photo (41)them on Cody’s ears…nothing. I even tried them on my dog’s ear…the dog ran away, barking. In short, the Wax Vac was a Wax Nothing. It was a waste of my ten dollars. How could the TV box lie to me? I am now left with a piece of garbage that I’m going to keep just because it has a handy light on the end of it. You never know when you may need it to look under the couch. My Eos lip balms are always rolling under there and I’m lost without photo (42)them. So, now on to the contest part. Have you ever bought a seen-on-TV product that turned out to be a flub? If so, share it below and you will be entered to win a PDF download of winner’s choice from my backlist.
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12 Responses to Wax Vac and a Contest

  1. Cheryl says:

    My husband goes every 6 months to have his ears cleaned by the doctor and he insisted that I purchase the wax vac because he saw the commercial. I knew before I even got it that it couldn’t have the same kind of sucking power as the doctor’s machine, but I had to make him happy. Now I have a wax vac on my shelf. At least it doesn’t take up too much space.

  2. Heather Bruce says:

    Salon Express. that stuff does not stick to your nails for anything, and it makes a complete mess. You have to clean off the disc as soon as you do one nail. How are you supposed to clean it with polish remover and wet nails? It says you can use with any nail polish–so not true. And it wastes the nail polish because you have to use so much but scrape a bunch of it off. And it takes FOREVER to do one hand since you have to redo it so much trying to get it to stick. Total waste of money. Not worth the one or two nails that come out okay.

  3. Ellen Cross says:

    The Kleva sharp knife sharpener. Hubby bought one two weeks ago, and immediately set about sharpening all our knives. Sure, the first couple had a “kind of” sharper blade, all while I was laughing and watching him as he vehemently told me that it would work. I now have a drawer full of blunt knives that won’t cut anything…in fact, they are all much duller than they were before being ran though that expensive little doohickie lol

  4. Eggies. That stoopid multi-part contraption that was supposed to make boiling eggs easier to de-shell and eat. My normal routine was to boil eggs – then scoop them out into a bowl – take them to sink with a dribble or a bit stronger of a stream of cool water – then I would tap the egg to get a crack and peel the egg shell off under the running water and then they went into a bowl ready to eat. As my husband is a District Customer Service Manager at Bed Bath and Beyond, I have too easy of access to AS SEEN IN TV products. He brought the Eggies home. It had a lid, top, bottom, round circular thingy to connect top and bottom. You had to put them all together and spray the inside with an oil so the egg would slide easily out. Then you took the lid off and poured the egg inside and screwed the top back on. You then boiled egg as normal. Then you had to take it all apart with some of the egg still on the device and then clean it for the next time or for putting it back in the box so it could be returned for your money back.

  5. DebraG says:

    I bought an egg cooker for hard boiled eggs. You crack the egg in the little contraption and then cook it. You do not have to peel you egg. The only problem, I cannot get it out of the contraption.

  6. sherry1969 says:

    I’ve never bought any As Seen on TV products. I’ve seen some I would love to try but usually money is tight so I keep on putting buying any of them off.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  7. Katie says:

    Smooth Away Hair Remover…HA! it didn’t remove anything. But it did give me a little itchy rash for about a day and a half!

  8. ttorch172 says:

    Let’s see what have I not bought I have the Eggies (not worth the effort and did not come out as planned), the Salon Express for my girls (what a piece of crap) and the Lint remover (the heavy duty plastic is to big for my dryer lint area, guess one size does not fit all) to name a few. But there is hope as the Dream Lite worked as it said but hard to go wrong with that for my youngest daughter and the Shimmer which both my girls love, just messy. But hey how hard is it to put some adhesive on you and sprinkle with glitter. So the eggies was my last As Seen On TV purchase that was not simple and foolproof.

  9. Meg says:

    Twice I’ve bought things to help me look younger. 1st the PMD microdermabrasion thing. I am now going to a dermatologist to correct the damage. 2nd the PRO BODY shape thing to reshap my flab, yah, fat chance. I think I’m just going to except myself flow what I am. I’m not too bad!!! Love your reads!

  10. Nichole says:

    My mom bought the Eggies thing and had me use it for her because we like to make deviled eggs several times a year and lately the eggs have been really hard to peel without losing some of the egg. When I looked at the directions I told it was going to be more work and that the eggs still wouldn’t be pretty but she insisted we try them and I was right. Way back in the eighties we also got the lovely AB-Flex thing. Even on the lowest setting it took a lot of oomph to make it push in to give you the extra boost to your crunches. I did use my Hairdini for a few years when I was a teenager and we absolutely love our Rotisserie from the set it and forget commercials by Ron Popelle so not everything is a scam just a lot of them.

  11. kim says:

    I’ve got 2, I also bought the wax vac(so should have known better) and the cat’s meow that hardly moves at all 🙁 what a piece of junk. oh wait also bought the pedi spin the moter is so weak as soon as you go to use it it stops grrrrrr.

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