We won a battle in the war

Shout it from the rooftops. Shout it to the sky. DADT has officially been repealed. I know it’s just one fight in this long war for equality, but it’s a huge victory. So, I’m sure nobody is surprised that I found a video to mark this event. It’s a good one, though, a soldier comes out to his father via a phone call. It made me cry, but they were good tears. Thanks to The Daily What, which is where I found this video.

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  1. Tam says:

    A friend of mine posted that on Facebook this morning (last night?). Made me tear up as well. I was so glad his Dad reacted as he did. I think my heart would have broken if it had been the other way.

  2. I loved the dad's reaction, too. I just wanted to reach out and hug both of them.

  3. Oh my. Yep, I did cry. I thought the contrasts in him were so adorable. Strong enough in his sense of being a man to tell his father but still having enough of the little boy in him to ask his Daddy to to tell his Mommy. BTW – was it just me or is he like cute enough to be on the cover (or just plain old inspiration enough) of one of your Lost Shifter books?

  4. Laura-I thought he was a cutie, too.Chris-That was so, so sweet. *sniff*

  5. BOS says:

    OMG it was so sweet 🙂 I did cry, I think Laura is right , he is cute! Let's get him on the cover 🙂

  6. BOS-It really was sweet. I wish all parents could be so accepting.

  7. Ann says:

    It is now on the Dutch (Internet)papers also.Congrats for the US one less stupid rule.If only the gay sports(wo)man would be more open worldwide than one more hurdle would be taken.The biggest hurdle still there is the death penalty in many countries for being gay

  8. Ann-So true, there needs to be global wide acceptance.

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