Saved by the Hawk

Saved By The Hawk (Birds of Prey 1)
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You better watch out, the Blood Demons are out to play, and you have the mark of Athena on you, which means you are in big trouble.

Hawk has been blessed by the goddess Athena for more than a hundred and forty-four years to fight the evil that permeates the earth, the Keres female spirits death-army. When a new plague of victims arises, a flock of five Birds of Prey move to Atlanta to eradicate the enemy. Second in command, Hawk has seen his fair share of the enemy’s handiwork. What he doesn’t expect is to patrol one night and find a mortal fighting tooth and nail with one of his own enemies—the Keres’ army of Blood Demons.

Aaron is just trying to get through college, he really is. But, try as he might, his grades are still slipping, so he has to spend late nights in the library instead of partying. After a late night walking home from the library, he finds himself attacked by a grim-faced man who tries to dig a hole into Aaron’s chest with wicked looking claws. When a gold-eyed sexy stranger comes to help him out, he doesn’t expect to get nabbed for seeing too much and end up in the middle of a war he didn’t ask to be invited to. But once he’s in and spends more time with gold eyes, does Aaron really want to go back to the way things were before?