Would You Get This?

Is 3-D nail art going to be the newest trend? It seems like it would be hard to live with all that bling on your hands, but then again I don’t have long nails to begin with.

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8 Responses to Would You Get This?

  1. I know, Cindy. It seems like they would catch on stuff and rip off.

  2. I have long nails and usually have painted designs put on them. One time, for a party, my tech used "gems" for sparkle. They caught on everything (and snagged some clothing) and before two days were over I was back at the salon to have the remaining ones removed. I can't imagine what these would be like to deal with. But they are cute 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    I'm totally short, no-fuss nails, so that looks like hell to me.

  4. They are cute, Wren. I think I would be like you, though, and any nails with embellishments would be lucky to last a day. It would be cute for a wedding or shower, however.

  5. My nails are a mess, Chris. I gave up on them a long time ago.

  6. Tam says:

    I suppose for a party for a few hours but not to function. I spend my days (and nights it seems) on-line and I can't imagine trying to type with long nails, or cook or do laundry or any of the other "normal" things I do in a day.

  7. Tam, I tried long nails once and the results were disastrous. I couldn't function at all. When I first got them on, I even had trouble doing up the buttons on my pants.

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