Yes, Authors can suffer from exhaustion, too.

  I have some good and bad news.  The bad news is that Braxton’s Salvation will be coming out on December 1st instead of the 15th. I feel like a donkey’s butt for letting  you guys down. I was just released from the hospital, yet again, due to complications from exhaustion. Fret not, however, I will have something for you for the 1st. It will just be a small 5K release with a portion going to the Ruth Ellis Center which many of you know is one of my favorite charities. As promised, here is a brief blurb, please be patient with me since I am still on meds so there will be some typos. The  Odds Maker One things was for certain, having the names Wright, Justice, Salvation and  Defeat   sucked big time. Not only did it make them the butt end of jokes, but it also sounded like something a romance writers, with an over-inflated ego, would name the characters of their books. Then again, the subject 198’s children had little choice in any matters, let alone their name. Breed and born in a lab, they’re a mutation of shifter mixed with human. They are also the last secret the human government holds about the shifter world. So,the last thing they need is for Wright to spot a certain Wolf halfling. One that is so cute, Wright doesn’t even notice that Wolf walks with a limp and has worse asthma issues than a nerd from an eighties movie. But, finding a mate is something that his owners have forbidden Wright from every doing. So, just how does one go about leaving a branch of the government, that doesn’t allow anybody to leave–that is unless they are in a body bag.       Warning-This book ends as a hopefully, happily ever after. Yeah, Braxton’s Salvation will tell the wholes story in detail.     And here is a real video from some of the kids at the Ruth Ellis Center
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8 Responses to Yes, Authors can suffer from exhaustion, too.

  1. Larissa says:

    The important thing here is you. Rather you be okay than you push yourself to the limit to make us happy. Focus on yourself. You know we don’t mind if we get less books in a month. 😉
    More yoga for you missy!

  2. Peggy says:

    I hope you feel better and don’t worry about delay. As my grandmother always said … Patience Is a virtue.. Haha

  3. Kerry says:

    I hope you feel better soon just know that we all love you and know that you will update as soon as you can so no rush your Heath is more important lol

  4. Ellen Cross says:

    Get rested and better quick Stephani. Never feel you need to appologise for needing time out for your own health. Your readers love you and understand 🙂

  5. The only way you could ever be a donkey butt is by not taking care of yourself. We love your books, yes, but we love YOU more. So take a deep breath or two, remember to exhale, and remember we love you and are okay with sticking to *your* timeline. Xoxo

  6. You just take care of YOU! Sending hugs and of course will be happy for the new story when you are feeling much much better!! We’ll always wait and want you to be healthy!!

  7. chickie434 says:

    I hope you feel better soon. As I’ve said before, fans are willing to wait for the books they want. You take care of yourself and get better now. And have a happy Thanksgiving!

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