You’re Thinking Too Hard!

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8 Responses to You’re Thinking Too Hard!

  1. Chris says:

    Dude. Srsly. If you have enough brain power to count…

  2. I just hope he wasn't counting out loud!

  3. Ava March says:

    If I was said housewife, I'd be insulted!! Counting? Really???I wonder if he keeps a stroke diary? It's just beyond odd that he remembered the strokes and time from 6 mths ago.

  4. Maybe he has an Excel spreadsheet going, Ava. Or better yet, a bar graph.

  5. Tam says:

    LOL Maybe it was some kind of BDSM thing. They always want them to count spanks on the butt, maybe she was wearing high leather boots. Or maybe housewives just make him more vigorous. He doesn't comment on WHO he had sex with the second time.

  6. LOL Tam.Now I have some visual of him commanding, "Count each stroke and do it out loud so I can hear you."

  7. I think it would be very stressful for them both.

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